5 Well-Known Specialty Cuts You Should Know About

by sew crafte

5 Well-Known Specialty Cuts You Should Know About

When it comes to fabrics, manufacturers offer several collections. These fabrics come in different sizes and grouped into collections. While the regular type of these fabrics are known as, and sold in yards, there are other well-known specialty cuts. These specialty cuts include charm packs, jelly rolls, fat quarter bundles, and half yard bundles. No doubt, other specialty cuts keep come up on a daily basis, let us quickly examine some of the specialty cut that we offer.

Mini Charm Packs

Mini Charm packs are the newest pre-cuts available on the market and they are available in our collection. We offer mini Charm packs in different sizes and colours for you to choose from. They are very affordable and are the best options for small design projects and simple patterns.

Charm Packs

When looking for small and less expensive specialty cuts, you should look no further than charm packs. Asides from being expensive, these fabric types are very easy to use and are common in quilting. Charm packs include a square of different fabrics within a collection allowing for a variety. In our collection, we have different sizes all of which are readily available.

Layer Cakes

Similar to Charm Packs in shape and size, layer cakes are available in different collections all coming in 42 pieces of fabric. Layer Cakes are commonly used for squares, triangles, circles and strips.

Jelly Rolls

With 2.5 x 42 inches size of cut, Jelly Rolls are made from different prints gotten from a single collection. These different prints are rolled together and cut to fit. In recent years, jelly rolls have become very popular and vary occasionally. Shop from our jelly rolls collection today at very affordable prices.

Fat Quarter Bundles

Regarded as the first and most common specialty cut type on the market fat quarter bundles are quarter yards that have been cut into a rectangle. There are just very few fabric collections in many stores that do not have fat quarter bundles. For some collections, they have different types all of which contain specific coordinating prints. You can check out our numerous fat quarter bundle patterns.

Sewing, knitting or crafting requires that you select the best specialty cut. The design you look to create is what determines the specialty cut that you should go for. Knowing the different specialty cuts makes it easy to identify what works best for you. So, whether you're going for a mini Charm pack, jelly rolls, charm packs or fat quarter bundles, we have all you need. All these specialty cuts are available in their different color and sizes at affordable prices.