Choosing Fabrics for Knitting Pattern

by sew crafte

One of the many amazing things about knitting is how much freedom it gives you to choose the design that you want. Unlike sewing, you don't have to select the fabric you want to work with, you can design both the fabric and the garment. One similarity that knitting shares with sewing is that you have to be careful in selecting the patterns you want to work with.

There are several ways to knit fabrics or pre-cut fabrics but the most popular way has been to work on the fabric first before the silhouette. Some designers can choose to do it the other way round or invent better ways. However, the format you choose to work with, you must make sure the fabric and the design complement themselves. When designing fabrics to be used for knitting patterns, there are major factors to be considered and they include:


The drape of fabric determines how it hangs firmly. When knitting, it is always best you go for fabrics or jelly rolls with less drape. This way, the fabric tends to have more structure. To adjust the drape of fabric you can tighten the knits, or make use of bouncy wools. Bouncy wools have less drape which makes them more firm. Also, dense stitches create more structure for the fabric.

A well-structured fabric will always result in a structured garment. When designing with fabric, make sure to fully use the drape and keep it flowing. 

Yarn-stitch Pairing

Another factor to consider when designing fabric is how well the yarn and stitch can pair together. At the end of your design, the outcome can be regarded as a masterpiece only when it complements, not one overpowering the other. Avoid making use of yarns with a lot of colour variation. Make sure the yarn harmonizes well with the stitch so that attention is not drawn away from it. Do not use an intricate stitch with colourful yarn. If you are using an intricate stitch, make sure the yarn is subtle.


As a designer, you have to pay attention to the stretch of fabrics or jelly rolls. While it is true that all knitted fabrics stretch, some stretch more. The type of stretch you create based on the stitch used should be in line with the overall result you look to achieve.

With this, you have to be careful and see the result in sight when picking charm packs or yarns. Don't just pick whatever you like to do whatever you want. Fabric behaviour is key to achieving amazing design patterns.