How to make a Laundry Bag for NHS Nurses to put their scrubs in

by Mikaeel Dada

Some staff are using laundry bags - simple drawstring bags of a closely woven fabric (so that contamination is contained). These can be poly cotton or cotton - as long as the fabric can be washed at 60 degrees. A pillowcase would suit, or fabric made to about that size.

Laundry bags are usually made of cotton or polycotton because the fabric is easier to handle, especially when you're wearing disposable gloves. Any made to the smaller size (following instructions from elsewhere) can be used for shoes.

Larger bags as described below are needed because larger sets of scrubs or ambulance crew uniforms don't fit into smaller bags. Some staff wash shoes as well. Larger bags leave room for items to move around in the washing machine. Bags can still be made in a pillowcase size for smaller sets.


Fabric required for drawstring scrubs bag (fabric will need to withstand hot wash)

- One piece 80 cms wide 170 cms long - Drawstring 5 cms wide 150 cms long


  • Fold main fabric in half and stitch the side seams with a French seam.

  • Iron down a 6cm fold at the top opening and top stitch 1cm

  • Place drawstring inside the casing with the ends at one side seam.

  • Stitch the casing enclosing the drawstring leaving a 2 cm gap at the side seam.

  • Tie the ends of the drawstring.
    I have chosen to have my French seams and casing on

    the right side.

    PLEASE NOTE: In order to comply with Infection Control requirements, staff using laundry bags should be taking them home for washing in a plastic bag (such as the soluble laundry bags), and the plastic bag washed along with the contents. Laundry bags can also be put in a plastic box, and the box carried to the washing machine to be emptied (wearing gloves) before the box is washed with hot soapy water.

    Our delivery notices will contain this advice not every front-line worker has worn scrubs before, or works in a clinically controlled environment such as a hospital.