Sustainable Eco-Friendly Organic Benefits of using Pre-cut Fabrics (Jelly Roll/Charm Packs/Fat Quarter Bundles)

by sew crafte

The way to a quilter’s heart is high-quality fabric. The strong and firm feel of cotton, the thickness of wool, the smoothness of silk, and many more. If you’re in love with great fabric, you know them and you can’t wait to use them to make those beautiful items of clothing. In recent times, manufacturers have incorporated some innovative means into the fabric making process. One of these is producing pre-cut fabrics.

A ‘pre-cut’ as the name implies is a fabric cut to particular shapes and sizes to be easily joined together by the quilter. They are produced as collections by manufacturers and they make the quilting process very easy. The most common types of pre-cut fabrics are Charm packs, Jelly rolls, Fat quarter bundles, Fat eighth bundles, and Layer cakes.

Pre-cut fabrics have a lot of advantages especially with people trying to quilt or sew for the first time. Advantages of Pre-cut fabrics include the following;

1. They save time

Normal fabric will have you visiting the fabric cutting counter to shape and size your materials for sewing. However, with pre-cut fabric, there’s no need for such. Your fabric is already shaped into what you need, so the time used to cut is now used to sew.

2. They offer Variety

Pre-cut fabrics are made into collections. In those collections, we find at least one print of various fabrics. This is a great variety and allows you to be very creative in your fabric sewing or quilting process.

3. They minimize fabric wastage

Cutting fabric ends up leaving a pile of wasted fabric. Using pre-cut fabric allows you to cut off this wastage. This saves you money too because of those extra inches you had to buy for allowance. Amazing!

4. They don’t use up space

Unlike conventional fabric that has to be kept in large spaces, Pre-cut fabric is very compact. They can be kept in small spaces and even neatly tucked in a drawer.

Pre-cut fabrics are here to stay! The time saved, as with all other benefits of these products make them a worthy investment. You cannot go wrong with a cute, colourful pre-cut fabric with a variety of fabrics for your sewing or quilting works. Here at, we have a wide range of pre-cut fabrics to match your quilting needs.  Crafted with the highest quality fabrics and made with love, you get the best products with us. Shop our beautifully crafted collections of pre-cut fabrics today