The Difference in Fabric Cuts Jelly Rolls Dessert Rolls Charm Packs Fat Quarters Fat Eight

by sew crafte

Fabrics as we know are very useful for the production of clothing, bags, household items such as window shades, table linen, bed covers, curtain and so many other things. Generally fabrics can be classified into: natural fabrics(cotton, linen, wool, silk) and synthetic fabrics(polyester, rayon, nylon, spandex, acrylic etc).

 If you are a sewing enthusiast, you would know that buying fabric can get really expensive and sometimes even go beyond your budget. This is why most professional quilt makers make use of pre cut fabrics instead as they are budget friendly allowing one to be able to purchase a whole collection of fabric without necessarily over spending. Pre cuts also very easy to use.

Pre cuts are basically a group/collection of quilting fabrics that have been cut to a specific shape and/or size usually having variety of patterns from one type of fabric.

There are different types of precuts known by names of different yummy desserts like;

Jelly rolls(also known as design rolls): The size of jelly rolls is typically 2.5" × 42" per pre cut strip of fabric with about 40 pieces in a pack They are good for making a wide variety of quilts because they are longer and thinner than other precuts.

Dessert rolls: This is the bigger version of jelly rolls with it's width double the size of jelly rolls i.e 5"×44". It is also in form of strips usually about 20 pieces in a pack

Charm packs: They are made up 5" square fabrics and they are generally used for small projects that require fabric cut into squares. Mini charm packs are also considered a type of pre cut although they are just half the size of the charm packs (5"×5") in size usually used for pixelated quilts. In the same way, layered cakes are a bigger version of charm packs usually 10"×10" in size.

Fat quarter: Fat quarters are usually 18"×22" in size and can be purchased alone or in a bundle. A fat quarter bundle usually has all the different prints/designs of a particular line of fabric so a lot of people purchase fat quarters in bundles. Fat quarters are easily the most common and cheapest pre cut probably because they were the first to be put out in the market. It can also be cut into smaller squares like the 10" square, 5" square or 2.5" square.

Fat eighth: They are 9"× 22" rectangle shaped fabrics and are half the width of a fat quarter usually about 20-40 pieces in a bundle