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ciao 72 Piece Set B

by Copic
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Copic Ciao is the inexpensive marker for beginners students and hobby artists. Equipped with a medium broad and a super brush nib it can be used for any colouring purpose. The colours can be mixed on the surface or layered on top of each other. Ciao markers are alcohol based and therefore non-toxic. They are fast drying and don't smear. The coloured caps enable fast and accurate colour identification. This set contains the following colours: BV13 BV17 BV23 BV29 BV31 V000 V06 V15 V91 V95 RV000 RV06 RV13 RV34 RV95 R00 R05 R11 R17 R22 R35 R37 R46 R85 YR16 YR23 YR31 YR61 YR68 Y11 Y15 Y21 Y28 Y38 YG00 YG23 YG63 YG91 YG95 G000 G07 G14 G28 G85 G94 BG05 BG34 BG49 BG96 B02 B12 B45 B60 B63 B93 B95 B97 E11 E31 E43 E49 E50 E53 E57 E71 E77 E93 E95 W1 W3 W5 W7. Copic art tools are the highest quality available in the world today. Their refillable pens and markers feature replaceable nibs to allow for lifetime use. The marker based airbrushing system is one-of-a-kind easy to use and easily extends any existing Sketch or Original Copic marker collection. Computerised colour matching and strict manufacturing standards have provided over 25 years of guaranteed colour consistency. Copic inks never vary from batch to batch.