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ciao 36 Piece Set B

by Copic
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Copic Ciao is the inexpensive marker for beginners students and hobby artists. Equipped with a medium broad nib for large dimensions and a super brush nib for detail it can be used for any colouring purpose. The colours can be mixed on the surface or layered on top of each other. Ciao markers are alcohol based and therefore non-toxic. They are fast drying and don't smear. The coloured caps enable fast and accurate colour identification.Perfect for layouts and sketches. Suitable for colouring on photocopies or print-outs. This set contains the following colours:B05 Process Blue B23 Phthalo Blue B32 Pale Blue B39 Prussian Blue BG10 Cool Shadow BG15 Aqua BG93 Green Gray BV04 Blue Berry C1 Cool Gray No.1 C5 Cool Gray No.5 C7 Cool Gray No.7 E02 Fruit Pink E04 Lipstick Natural E08 Brown E33 Sand E35 Chamois E47 Dark Brown E51 Milky White G02 Spectrum Green G21 Lime Green G99 Olive R02 Flesh R27 Cadmium Red R59 Cardinal RV21 Light Pink RV23 Pure Pink RV29 Crimson RV42 Salmon Pink V17 Amethyst Y02 Canary Yellow Y08 Acid Yellow YG41 Pale Cobalt Green YG67 Moss YR00 Powder Pink YR04 Chrome Orange 0 Colorless Blender.