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Textil Design Spray 150ml Metallic-Gold

by Marabu
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Marabu Textile Design Spray is an acrylic based decoration spray which is perfect for rapid creations and suitable on nearly all kinds of textiles. The new special-effects and colours offer even more opportunities for designing fabrics. This new formulation enhances the ease of application. Marabu’s new brand identity is reflected in the new design of the product line. This Textile Design range has now been improved and expanded with new colours new effects and a modern design. This range now offers blackboard neon and special-effects paint along with classic satin-finish and sparkling metallic shades. This design spray is great for using on items such as banners bunting lamps or even giving your beach bag a new look. It lets you create entirely unique items in little time. This spray can also be used on fabrics with a high synthetic fibre content such as tablecloths banners or outdoor materials. It is quick drying and weather resistant and no fixing is required. The decorations can even be washed carefully after drying. However this product is not suitable for use on everyday clothing. This 150ml acrylic based spray can be used on many fabrics even those of a high synthetic fibre content such as banners or outdoor material. The new formulation optimises the ease of application. Completed decorations can even be washed once they are dry either manually or on a gentle cycle up to 30 °C and inside out. This range offers a striking assortment of 16 colours including chalkboard effect sprays neon and sparkling metallic along with the classic and satin-finish. This spray is also available in; sunshine yellow cherry red purple Caribbean gentian graphite mint green white and black.